There may be trouble ahead

But while there's music and moonlight and love and romance- Let's face the music and dance.

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I hope that everyone who has wanted to shoot under the limited conditions that have been imposed have been able to. Many clubs have been unable to resume any shooting whatsoever.
Howeve we are approaching the end of July and the committee is naturally thinking about the winter season and next year (somebody has to).
We are obliged to hold an annual A.G.M. at some point in the year but under these strange circumstances it seemed best to adopt a "wait and see" approach. Well after much waiting and seeing we have set a provisional date for the A.G.M. on Tuesday 1st September though we have yet to decide on a venu but it will probably be at Slazengers after shooting.

Unfortunately, at the end of August we will no longer be able to shoot at Walton Sports & Social Club on a Saturday morning. If you have a key for the container could you please return it to me at some point so I can return them. Bosses and stands will be returned to Slazengers shortly after.

I recently received an email from QEGS outlining the school position regarding the current outbreak of Covid 19 and unfortunately the prospects of a return to indoor shooting at the school are slim. At the moment the school will not be allowing any outside organisations into the school grounds. To put it bluntly we will not be able to shoot at the school for the forseeable future.

At this point many members (quite rightly) will be wondering about next years club fees and I would like to outline the current position of the committee and inform you of a change in payment dates.
In order to be a member of the club you have to pay approximately £55 to cover your affiliation fees to Archery GB, Northern Counties and the Yorkshire Archery association. The remainder of the fees (£105) allow you to shoot at the club . That is £160 in total. (Not including 18-24, disabled and juniors)
Archery GB cannot/ are not / will not / may not be / (take your pick) able to offer a reduction in their fees next year. In short , if you wish to remain a member of the club then in September you will need to pay Archery GB £55. Irrespective of when shooting recommences you need to have paid this fee to be able to shoot anywhere.
The club finances are very robust and so it is not necessary to collect any further fees until shooting recommences - probably in April 2021 (but who knows).
At that point (April 2021) the club will collect the shooting fees of £105. From then on Archery GB fees (£55) will be collected every September and shooting fees every April.
Please amend any standing orders that you may have set up.
We are well aware that many members may not wish to pay any fees if they cannot shoot and members might want to withhold any payment until we can return to shooting. I urge you to pay the fee - in essence you will no longer a member of The Wakefield Archers if you do not and will not be included in any mailings. Practically, of course the devils app (Facebook ) and this website will keep you informed of any future developments.
In mid September the nights start to draw in the footballers return so the opportunities to shoot become fewer. I will endevour to extend the outdoor season as much as I can and we MAY be able to retain some early evening shooting slots but that is dependant on the powers that be at Slazengers and those pesky footballers.


Time Line

September 2020 - Archery GB fees of £55 due.
April 2021 Club fees due £105
September 2021 -Archery GB fees due
April 2022 Club fees

Short version

AGM - Tuesday 1st September
No shooting at Walton Sports and Social Club after August 31st.
No shooting at QEGS until further notice.
Archery GB fees of £55 still need to be paid in September
No club (shooting )fees collected until April 2021 ( Currently £105) when outdoor shooting will resume.
Thereafter Archery GB fees will be collected in September and Club fees the following April .

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