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hip hip hip hooray

Many thanks to Christine Heap who not only organised last night's clout shoot but also organised a beautifully calm early summer evening to accompany it.
Twelve members of the club took part in a relaxed evening's shooting and later retiring to the pub to celebrate.
Brian was particularly pleased since he managed to spear the flag and we were then subjected to his "Topless" celebrations.
Full results below.

1) Christine (85)
2) Anya (54)
3) Bev (53)
4) Andrew (49)
5) Doug (48)
6) Jane (47)
7) Wendy (33)
8) Tony (30)
9) Brian (29)
10) Claire (22)
11) Bill (10)
12) Nick (9)

Many thanks to Carol who kept order (and the score)

Field Shoot
Providing the sun continues to behave I am organising another Wakefield Archer's Field Shoot on Tuesday 29th of May. This is a barebow competition where you shoot 6 arrows at 12 animal targets at various ( you will have to guess) distances. I will be setting up from about 5:30 on tuesday and a little help would be appreciated.

The matter of shooting at Walton was raised last night. Can I remind members that If anybody is interested in shooting there on a Monday or a Thursday evening then it needs organising. I commit to shooting at Slazengers 3 nights a week so if any member or group wish to avail themselves of this opportunity then please see me with your proposals.

Finally can I remind all members that there can only be one source of club information and that is THIS WEBSITE. Members may post messages or questions or requests on Facebook or other social media if they wish to but I do not subscribe to any of these platforms. If you wish to contact me or give me any information then please email me through the drop down menu on the contacts page.

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