Recent Achievements

252, Portsmouth and other awards

Most recent Portsmouth awards. 425 to Michael Kellet, 450 to Anne Wallace, 475 to Mathew Hyland, Tony Woodcock and 525 to Anthont Hartley. Well done eveyone.
The first of this seasons Porstmouth badges are : 325 to Pete Davison, Mark Grattan & Dan Hodgson, 350 to Merv Davison, 400 to Anne Wallace, 450 to Terry Holt, John Land, Steve Wallace & Tony Woodcock & 475 to Frank Roach (compound). Well done, keep them coming!
September 252 awards to Anne Wallace at 30yd and Tony Woodcock at 50 yds. Well done.
August 252 awards go to Anthony Hartley, Andrew Moorby & Anne Wallace at 20yd, Mark Grattan, Anthony Hartley & Michael Kellett at 30yd, Nick Bratley at 50yd and Mandy Spawforth at 80yd. Well done.
Latest 252 awards go to Mark Grattan at 20yd and Tony Woodcock at 30 yd and 40yd.
Well done to Anya Rollin who beat the county record for the Junior Windsor achieving Junior Bowman in that event.
Congratulations Mandy Spawforth for coming 1st in the Ladies Albion achieving Bowman in that event
252 awards: Bev, Daniel, Dan Hodgson, Tony Woodcock, Merv Davison & Pete Dawson at 20 yd. Jonathan Kellett & Dan Hodgson at 30 yd, Dan Hodgson & Nick Bratley at 40 yd. Well done to all.
Congratulations to Mandy Spawforth for coming 2nd in the Selby Western.
A good start to the summer season with one of our newest members, Claire Hyland, achieving 252 at 20yd & 30yd. Also Jonathan Kellett 252 at 20yd.
The winner of the end of season handicap shoot was Nick Bratley with Carol Trueman and Phil Grundy a close 2nd. Well done.
In the last portsmouth night before the indoor handicap competition Paul Hampshire achieved 450 (453), Darran Thorn 475 (485) and Jasmine Hampshire 525 (531). Jasmine's excellent score means she is one of the postal team for March.
More Portsmouth Awards Terry Holt 400 (417), Paul Hampshire 425 (432) and Anya Rollin 475 (483) winning at the Yorkshire Junior Championships.
February's postal night resulted in three more Portsmouth awards. Bev Brough 425 (432), Darran Thorn 450 (468) and Jasmine Hampshire 475 (484). Also of note Mandy shot 13 consequtive 10s! Well done everyone.
Well done to Tony Gellen who achieved his 375 (384) then 400 (400) award at the Saville Bowmen Portsmouth on 4th Feb.
Congratulations to Paul Hampshire on achieving his 400 (421) Portsmouth badge.
Well done to all Wakefield archers who took part in the double Portsmouth Crystal shoot, especially to Mandy Spawforth who won the ladies recurve and Tony Gellen who achieved his 300 Porstmouth award shooting longbow.
December portsmouth awards go to Michael Kellt 325 (396), Jasmine Hampshire 425 (436) and Jonathan Kellett 475 (479). Well done.
Congratulations to Mandy Spawforth (1st) and Christine Heap (3rd) at the D&DAA Indoor Champs at Chantry.
November portsmouth achievers are Michael Kellet 325 (344), Emma Harris 400 (415), D Thorn 400 (423), and Jason Lear 500 (503) and special mention to Dave Tonge who achieved a 6 gold end (6 consecutive 10's)
Latest Portsmouth achievers are Anya Rollin 450 (454), Carol Trueman 450 (450), Nick Bratley 475 (485) and Brian Trueman 525 (536).
The first Porstmouth awards of the season got to Carol Trueman 425 (432) and Dave Tonge 525 (535) Well done to both.
252 award at 80yd goes to Chris Akester. Congratulations Chris.
252 awards this week to William Sung (20yd) quickly followed up with 30yd and Dave Tonge (60yd). Well done.
Chris Akester achieved yet another 6 gold end at 50yd
The latest clutch of 252 badges go to Michael Woodhead (30yd & 40yd), Mandy Spawforth (60yd), Brian Trueman (60yd) & Paul Edmondson (80yd). Well done.
The BA Postal Winter League results are finally in. In our division we came top overall and in March top lady was Mandy & top gent Michael. Well done everyone.
Chris Akester won the Robin Hood Trophy (score 560) at the Nottingham Golden Arrow Tournament he also defended two challenges for the silver shilling from Mandy & Barry. At the same tournament Mandy won the Bath and West Horn trophy for highest lady score in her handicap.
Christine Heap continues her Clout successes coming 1st & 3rd at the AOER weekend clout.
252 Successes this month. Anya Rollin (30yd), Jasmine Hampshire & Michael Woodhead (20yd)
The quest for 6 gold ends continues with Barry Reynolds achieving two at 50yds this week.
Well done to Jasmine Hampshire and her father Paul for achieveing their 252 badge at 20yd on Tuesday 30 May.
Another 6 gold end at 50 yd for Chris Akester on Tuesday 30th May.
More congratulations to Chris Akester who reclaimed the Silver Shilling from Mandy Spawforth at the Selby Western.
Chris Akester achieved 6 gold end at 50yd on Tuesday 16th May. Well done Chris.
Latest 252 awards Nick Bratley 30yd, Paul Wormstone 40yd, Brian Trueman 50yd, Dave Tonge 50yd and Paul Lote 20yd, 30yd, 40yd, 50yd, 60yd.

Congratulations to Christine Heap, who came second in the Yorkshire Clout Championships on Sunday 17 April.

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