July 31st Field Shoot

I shot the badger, but I did not shoot the deputy

We had another great evening at last night's field shoot. Some of the usual faces were replaced by our new 3D animals_though to make sure all tastes were catered for we also had a "Vegan" target (especially for Carol who didn't… Continue Reading

Anya Rollin

“Isn’t she lovely Isn’t she wonderful"

Congratulations to Anya Rollin on her achevements at our recent Albion and Windsor Competition. Not only did she win the " Girls Junior Windsor" But she also won "Best Junior Gold" Gained her 252 badge at 40 yards. and… Continue Reading

Beginners Courses Availability

Taking up Archery

Availability for beginner courses 2018-2019 If there are any adults who have considered taking up archery then please get in touch with our beginners coordinator . She can be reached via the contacts page of this website . Providing an… Continue Reading

In The Summer Time When The Weather Is Fine

You can stretch right up and touch the sky

Clout Shoot Many thanks to Christine Heap for organising another clout shoot . It was a great introduction to this aspect of the sport for some of our our new members . The full results below are in no particular order. Brian (… Continue Reading

The Sun has got his hat on.

hip hip hip hooray

Clout Many thanks to Christine Heap who not only organised last night's clout shoot but also organised a beautifully calm early summer evening to accompany it. Twelve members of the club took part in a relaxed evening's shooting and later… Continue Reading

The March team Mandy, Chris and Jasmine only just lost out by 11 points. That's it for this year. I will post the final results when they eventually come out. Februarys team Mandy, Chris and Christine achieved another win (by 243 points!)… Continue Reading


Life Membership

It was my great pleasure to announce that our very dear "Wendy" was awarded "Life Membership" of the Wakefield archers at the competition on Sunday. Anybody who has had the remotest connection with the club will know… Continue Reading