Outdoor Shooting

The sun does not shine for a few trees and flowers, but for the wide world’s joy.

Thankfully the long dark days of winter are behind us now and we can look forward to a new outdoor season.
The last indoor shooting night at Q.E.G.S. will be on Tuesday 09th of April and on that night we are due to hold our "Handicap " competition. However I need to check this with our records officer ( Bill). The more mathematically astute amongst you might be able to work out that the first outdoor shooting night will be Wednesday 10th of April. We have arranged that shooting can commence at 5:30 until the start of May.
Please be aware that there may still be a number of footballers around until May - so please be vigilent especially when the "Junior" footballers are playing.

We are now the proud owners of a new container situated on the field in which we will store all the equipment needed to set up the field to shoot.. There are many key holders :- Wendy, Tony, Big Tony, Phil, Paul, Andrew, Chris, Christine , Bill, Brian & Carol , Mandy and myself- so there should always be a keyholder present. If it becomes an issue we can always create more key holders.
The old container still contains most of our equipment but we can take this opportunity to sort it out and order the contents in a more systematic fashion. I will be away shortly and will not be able to browbeat anybody into helping- so please ( for both of you who read this) give Phil some assistance in this task.

We will be organising the usual array of different types of shoot including CLOUT and our version of a FIELD shoot ( honestly no animals will be injured in this event) but we have yet to decide on dates .

Ian Foster has been working with a number of archers and he has offered further assistance for which I am very grateful.
First of all he will be providing a workshop on "Walkback Tuning" but this needs a calm, wndless night to be successful. Secondly he is a proficient "CLOUT" archer and he has offered to coach us at his club ( De Lacy) which is out Pontefract Way ( there be dragons) on a suitable evening.

If you have any further ideas for any events then please let us know and we will be more than happy to help you to organise it :-)

Good Shooting.

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