Indoor Shoots

We are climbing Jacob's ladder Yeah we're brothers, sisters, all

In order provide some focus and to add a little variety to our indoor shoots this winter I am organising a number of different events which I hope that everyone will take part in . Who know it may even prise some of you out of your armchairs and go into your loft and restring that bow that has been sat there gathering dust.
First of all I would like to organise a "Ladder". As I see it this Initially this involves shooting a Portsmouth round and your score determines your position on the ladder. In subsequent weeks you may challenge anyone to a "Head to Head" who is up to two places above you. If you win then you advance above them in the ladder. There is no penalty for losing. ( alternative rules will be considered). Since this is a formal competition it would allow you to gain your progress badges. These are awarded if you achieve a score of above 300 + 25 thereafter - ie 300:325:350 etc.
I will publish the ladder on the members area of the website and update it accordingly.

I havn't settled on a date yet but I have ordered some "Worcester faces" .
In a Worcester competition two faces are placed one above the other on a boss . Five arrows are shot per end and the first 30 arrows are shot at one target ( say the top one) and the next 30 are shot at the bottom one . ( or visa versa for the other person shooting on your boss).
The arrows are scored 1 to a maximum of 5 ( the white circle)
Look out for this competition on the callendar.

On Tuesday 30th of October I propose to hold a "Halloween " fun shoot using a set of "Halloween "targets from Egertec.
There will be 10 different targets to shoot at and you progress from one target to the next during the evening.
Who knows- perhaps I can encourage members to retire to "The College" afterwards for a few refreshments.

Although the details have not been finalised yet " Chris " from South Leeds Archers has challenged us to a shoot and Bill will be organising a "Postal Shoot" This involves shooting a series "Portsmouth" rounds throughout the winter where the 3 best scores of the night are submitted on each occasion. Again you can gain your progress badges as well as challenge someone on the ladder if you wish.
Finally I have some "Jolly" Christmas targets again from Egertec to be shot on our last night in December (18th)

If anybody has any other ideas and wishes to organise it then please let me know.

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