Halloween Shoot

It's close to midnight. Something evil's lurking from the dark

Thank you to everyone who took part in last night's "Halloween Shoot" . The full results are shown below.
The next Fun shoot will be on Tuesday December 18th.

Long Bow

"Big Tony" 345 (Gents Winner)
Chris Hill 343 (Gents Second)
Andrew Patterson 315
Ray Brown 172


Paul Lote 395 (Gents Winner)
Tony Woodcock 389
Doug Wilkinson 338
Bill Lyne 337
Anthony 311
Christine Heap 287 (Ladies Winner)
Phil Grundy 265
Anne Wallace 275
Brian Trueman 244
Wendy Fryer 227
John Land 218
Mark Grattan 217
Anya Rollin 171 (Junior Winner)
Jill Land 154
Hannah Fox 129
Nick Bratley 103
Chris Walker 36

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