Corona Virus

It was with great regret that the committee took the decision to suspend indoor shooting this week. The management at QEGS were grateful that we made the decision before they had to make it for us. This had an unfortunate impact on the current beginners course now entering it's 5th week. I can only say that at some point in the future, when this crazy situation resolves itself we will finish the course - it might take 3 , 4 or 5 sessions to complete it but we will honour our commitment to you.

In the light of recent government advice and advice from Archery GB we have no alternative but to suspend outdoor shooting as well. This will be for an initial period of two weeks but it is more than likely to be much longer.

I imagine that some members may wish to continue to shoot at Walton on a Saturday morning. However , tempting as this may be please do not. The advice is very clear.

If I can offer some sort of solace we do have approximately 12 bosses that are no longer suitable for shooting at club nights ( whatever they are ) but are perfectly adequate for personal use and are free to a good home ( members only ) . However it will need to be collected from Slazengers and I remind you that you are not insured and you will need a safe space to shoot.

If you have any ideas or anything to say then please get in touch via the contacts page or via facebook. I have as much idea as anybody else what to do.

I too am going steadily insane !

Keep safe.

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