Chris Hill

So farewell, Adieu, So long, Vaya Con Dios

This sport has a notoriously high turn over of members. People take up the sport with enthusiasm and then suddenly, for whatever reason we never see them again. Often we never give them a second thought - they came -they shoot- they leave. However many stay and there are certain members who become the very backbone of the club. Chris Hill is one such member who has unfortunately (for us) decided to move to Norfolk.
So there will be a "Chris Hill" shaped hole in our shooting line.
The persistent rain we had today spoilt my plans of a big send off for him so he had to make do with a kiss from Wendy and a shake of hands from me along with the club's best wishes.
We were pleased to present Chris with a memento of his time at the club- A pair of engraved glasses (see photo) and a card.
He assures me that he will come back to shoot occasionally but for now, he will be sadly missed.

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