Andrew Patterson

The winner takes it all . The loser's standing small

At the Burton Constable Medieval Tournament on 9th of June Andrew Patterson won “Highest Gents Score”, “Highest Overall Score”, and “Most Golds” Continue Reading

Chris Hill

So farewell, Adieu, So long, Vaya Con Dios

This sport has a notoriously high turn over of members. People take up the sport with enthusiasm and then suddenly, for whatever reason we never see them again. Often we never give them a second thought - they came -they shoot- they leave.… Continue Reading

Well done Mandy who won a 1,000 Fita Star at the Lez Newsome WA1440 on Saturday 1st June at Wetherby. Also, congratulations to Mandy who achieved 2nd place (beautiful trophy) at the Yorkshire Archery Association Outdoor Championships for… Continue Reading

Clout Shoot 3rd May

May the 4th be with you!

Below are the results for the "Clout" shoot held on Friday 3rd May. Sorry to spoil your moment of fame Paul but apparently someone can't add up ( probably Ray) so you came second . Continue Reading

Congratulations to Les Wild for winning the handicap shoot. 2nd was Anne Wallace followed by Michael Kellet. Full results are in the members area. Continue Reading

Big Tony Does It Again

“The archer is the true weapon; the bow is just a long piece of wood.”

We can chalk up another victory for The Wakefield Archers . Big Tony won Gold at 60 yds at the "White Rose Crazy National" on saturday with a score of 607 and 13 golds. Well done Tony. Continue Reading

Outdoor Shooting

The sun does not shine for a few trees and flowers, but for the wide world’s joy.

Thankfully the long dark days of winter are behind us now and we can look forward to a new outdoor season. The last indoor shooting night at Q.E.G.S. will be on Tuesday 09th of April and on that night we are due to hold our "Handicap… Continue Reading

Success at the Yorkshire Indoor Championships

Celebrate the moment, As it turns into one more.Another chance at victory, Another chance to score.

Congratulations to Tony Gellen, Mandy Spawforth and Anya Rollin who all achieve success at the Yorkshire Indoor Championships on Sunday ( 10th March) Tony came 1st in the " Men's Longbow" division , Mandy came 3rd in the… Continue Reading