There may be trouble ahead

But while there's music and moonlight and love and romance- Let's face the music and dance.

Skip to the end if you want the short version of what follows I hope that everyone who has wanted to shoot under the limited conditions that have been imposed have been able to. Many clubs have been unable to resume any shooting… Continue Reading

With the easing of the lockdown the committee have decided to initiate some limited return to outdoor shooting at slazengers ( Yay)!!! Long and detailed instructions and a link to a booking sheet is available on the members section of the… Continue Reading

It was with great regret that the committee took the decision to suspend indoor shooting this week. The management at QEGS were grateful that we made the decision before they had to make it for us. This had an unfortunate impact on the… Continue Reading


All things must pass !

I am sorry to have to inform the club but outdoor shooting at Walton Sports and Social Club will cease at the end of August this year. The club ( Walton) has recently taken on a number of Rugby and Football teams, providing a much needed… Continue Reading

Andrew Patterson

The winner takes it all . The loser's standing small

At the Burton Constable Medieval Tournament on 9th of June Andrew Patterson won “Highest Gents Score”, “Highest Overall Score”, and “Most Golds” Continue Reading

Chris Hill

So farewell, Adieu, So long, Vaya Con Dios

This sport has a notoriously high turn over of members. People take up the sport with enthusiasm and then suddenly, for whatever reason we never see them again. Often we never give them a second thought - they came -they shoot- they leave.… Continue Reading