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Beginners Course Information

Archery is very popular and, as a consequence, there is unfortunately a waiting list for a course with us.

Each course is approximately 12 hours long, and it is spread across 6 evening sessions, each two hours long. The course usually runs on defined days, once a week, for 6 weeks. This tends to be on the same day each week.

How much does the course cost?

  • The total cost of a course is £70 adults
  • £40 for juniors
  • which is payable one month before a course's start date.
  • Fees help to cover the insurance and wear and tear on the equipment.
  • The fee also covers use of Club equipment and the tuition for 6 weeks, which will take you from absolute novice to a safe and competent archer.
  • The tuition is often 1:1 while you are on the shooting line, especially for the first few weeks.

What equipment is used?

Equipment is supplied during the course, This is owned and maintained by the Club. During the beginner's course you will be using Olympic recurve, take down, bows that have been made specifically for beginners. We have them in a large number of draw weights and lengths, and have both left and right handed bows. We also have bows with low poundage's especially for younger archers. All other equipment is also supplied by us, including arrows, finger tabs, strings, sights, arm braces, bow stands etc.

If you decide to join the Club on completion of your course, and to give you an opportunity to carefully choose what equipment you buy, for a modest fee we are able to hire out equipment until then next beginner's course starts.

What is the course for?

The beginner's course is for those people who would like to take up archery. Maybe you have tried archery at a holiday park, or with a scout group etc, and are thinking about archery as either a sport or a hobby.

We find that beginner's courses are a lot more beneficial than simple have-a-go sessions. There is a lot to learn beyond the absolute basics, and the beginner's course gives us the time to teach you properly, so that you get a better understanding of the sport, and more from it. Going to a have-a-go, and shooting a few arrows at close distance, and probably missing most of them, is not comparable with being taught how to shoot, and hitting targets at distance!

If you want to join an archery club, but are not a current Archery G.B. member, then you will need to take part in, and pass, a beginner's course with a club before you can join. This is the same for all target archery clubs.

Taking part in, and passing the course, will teach you all about safety, show you how to setup equipment, and how to shoot properly. By the end of the course, you will be a safe and competent archer, and will be able to shoot with the rest of the Club Members.

And don't worry, there is no actual test involved!

Tuition is carried out by experienced Club Members following Archery GB coaching standards.

When is the next course?

  • Generally, we run three courses each year, contact us to find out when the next one will be.
  • We can only manage a fixed number of slots on each course due to the intensive coaching we give.
  • To take part in the course you will need to book with us.
  • To notify us of your interest, please complete the Contact Us Form. This emails information directly to Club Committee Members who will contact you as soon as possible to arrange a course, and to answer any further questions you may have.
  • Please note that the waiting list is extensive and it may be a while before places are available

Where is it held?

  • The beginner's course is held at the Wakefield Archers' shooting venues, and they will be outdoors, or indoors, depending on the season.
    Outdoors season:
  • we shoot at Slazenger's Sports Ground near Horbury Junction, Wakefield, West Yorkshire.
  • What Three Words link here

    Indoors season:

  • we shoot in the large Sports Hall at Queen Elizabeth Grammar School (QEGS) Wakefield, West Yorkshire.
  • What Three Words link here, this is approached from the A61

  • Shooting times:
  • Indoors: 6.30pm - 8.30pm (if you can get here a bit earlier to help assist setting up the range that woudl be great
  • Outdoors: 6.30pm to 8:30 pm (light and weather permitting)

Can my child (under 12) join the course?

Yes, although we ask that a parent/guardian also attends the venue during the course for child protection reasons. It is not acceptable to drop a young child off at the course and then leave the venue, returning to pick them up later. For this reason we recommend that parents also join the course with their children (this is most often done anyway), and enjoy the sport together. Younger children have been known to complete the course as suitability is driven more by physical size than age.

We do have a Child Protection Officer and follow the Archery G.B. Child Protection policies, which are available at the bottom of the documents page on the GNAS site, click here to access.

Do I need to live in Wakefield to join the club?

No, It is not necessary to live in Wakefield, and some of our Members travel a fair distance to the Club's venues which are in the Wakefield area. If you really are a long way from Wakefield, then we may be able to recommend a Club that is closer to you.

How many places are there on a course?

Each course will have up to 14 places available. There is room for family members / parents to watch if not taking part in the course themselves. There are also 4 reserve slots if the course is fully booked. In the event of cancellations, the reserve list will be used on a first come, first served basis.

What should I wear?

  • Clothing should be well fitting tops, not loose sleeves or baggy jumpers,
  • comfortable flat shoes or trainers, (when indoors please wear indoor shoes that are unlikely to mark the gym floor (schools request)
  • possibly a hat if you wish.
  • No nose piercings (or any other piercing that could get caught by the string)
  • Enough to keep you warm and dry should it rain; remember this is an outdoor activity.
  • In the early part of the season the field can be a bit wet and muddy, please bear this in mind when choosing footwear.
  • No sandals ! (ever)

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