The Clubs Constitution

The Wakefield Archers

  1. The Name of the Club shall be "The Wakefield Archers" hereinafter referred to as the Club. The Club incorporates The Wakefield Junior Archers, which exists only for the purposes of affiliation to appropriate organisations but otherwise has no existence separate from the Club.

  2. The object of the club shall be the practice and promotion of Archery.

  3. The Management of the club shall be in the hands of a committee elected annually by ballot at the annual general meeting.

  4. The committee shall consist of the Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Field Captain, Record’s Officer, Equipment Officer, Beginners' Course Coordinator, Child Protection Officer, Tournament Secretary, Social Secretary and two other members. All committee members shall resign annually but shall be eligible for re-election. Five members shall form a quorum.

  5. Any Officer or member of the committee who ceases to be a paid up member of the club shall cease to be a member of the committee.

  6. Any vacancy arising on the committee may be filled by the committee at any of it’s meetings. Any member so elected shall retire at the next AGM but shall be eligible for re-election.

  7. The financial year shall end on the 31st July and the AGM of members shall be held on such a day in August as the committee shall decide. The Secretary shall give all members not less than 7 days written notice of the date of such General Meeting. One fifth of the membership shall form a quorum. The business to be transacted shall be the receiving of the Annual Report and Accounts, election of committee and such other business as may be brought before any annual General Meeting of the club.

  8. An Extraordinary General Meeting shall be called when required by majority of the committee or by request in writing of one fifth of the members.

  9. The rules shall be added to, only at a General Meeting and any proposal for such alteration shall be notified in writing to the members at least 7 days prior to the meeting.

  10. Any person having attained the age of eighteen years shall be eligible for admittance as a senior member at the end of September following their eighteenth birthday.

  11. Persons seeking membership must have completed the GNAS certified beginners course, either with The Wakefield Archers or any GNAS affiliated club (evidenced by production of a certificate). This will ensure that prospective members have been evaluated as to their competence in shooting and their awareness of archery safety. On approval by three members of the committee the prospective member may apply for membership.

  12. To become a member of the committee a fully paid up member of the club must have been a member for at least 6 months. Non-members and juniors under the age of 18 years shall have no part in the management of the club.

  13. The annual subscription shall be fixed by the committee and may be varied from time to time. The annual subscription to be paid by 23rd September of each year. Any member who’s subscription is three months in arrears shall automatically forfeit all rights of membership.

  14. Visitors shall be allowed to shoot at any practice or target meeting, if accompanied by a member, on payment of the appropriate target fee, which will be determined from time to time by the committee.

  15. Control and conduct of shooting shall be governed by the rules of the Grand National Archery Society/FITA.

  16. No member shall be awarded more than one club prize at the club championships.

  17. The committee shall be empowered to institute any competition or other function which they think may be of interest and may stipulate an entry fee if desired. There shall be an Annual Club Championship Meeting on a round and conditions to be decided by the committee.

  18. Any person presenting a trophy to the club shall have the right to regulate the terms on which it is to be awarded, subject to the approval of the committee.

  19. All club trophies shall be returned to the secretary on or before the day of the Championship Meeting.

  20. All members winning trophies are responsible for their return in a clean and fit state for presentation and with the necessary engraving correctly executed.

  21. In the event of the club ceasing to exist all trophies shall be handed over to the custody of the Council of the Grand National Archery Society.

  22. The committee shall have the powers to deal with any matter not covered by these rules, pending confirmation by a General Meeting and may decide what penalty shall be inflicted for any infringement, such penalty to include suspension or expulsion if considered necessary.

  23. The committee reserves the right to refuse membership to any person who the committee deems to be unsuitable for the membership to the Wakefield Archers, or who could prove to be detrimental to the smooth running of the club.

  24. If the member has elected to pay target fees, the responsibility for paying the appropriate target fee to a committee member on the night they shoot falls to them. Failure to pay on the night could result in the suspension of this method of payment and the unpaid balance of the full senior membership will become payable.

Click here for the original 1834 club constitution

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