Saturday Shooting

The Wakefield Archers are now able to shoot on Saturday mornings at Walton Sports and Social Club, Shay Lane, Walton and that those interested need to speak to John Greenwood for details.

Anyone wishing to shoot should register to attend on Saturday mornings while shooting on normal club nights, a register will be available on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings each week.

Anyone who attends that has not registered do so at their own inconvenience should no other archers turn up.

No archer is permitted to shoot alone at any time.

In order that all arrows shot on Saturday morning are accounted for at the end of the session a second register MUST be signed prior to shooting, stating how many arrows you take on to the field and how many you have at the end of shooting.

Please Note. Any lost arrows must be noted in the register. This procedure also applies to club nights. A lost arrow book is situated in the container for this purpose.

Relevant GNAS rules and regulations, to be followed by all club members, will be displayed both in the register and in the container.

Could everyone keep the container doors closed when equipment is not being taken in and out.This is for security purposes as anyone passing can see what is inside.

Saturday Mornings will now be designated Target Days for anyone wishing to shoot and score a full round and who wish to submit their scores to improve their classifications and handicaps. Scores should be handed to the records officer in this case. Rounds (for those who wish to shoot one) should commence at 9.30am.

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