Club Awards

Yes, you can earn some bling!

252 Badges

This scheme is open to all Club Members, and is a great way to monitor progress as an archer.

The 252 scheme was originally aimed at Recurve archers but has now been extended to cover different styles of bow including traditional and compound type bows. These archers can also take part in the 252 scheme but the scoring thresholds have been altered in line with the type of bow.

To win a badge, archers must score at least 252 points (Longbow 164, Barebow 189, Compound 280) with 36 arrows, shot alone as the first 36 of the day (6 sighters are allowed before starting), or as part of a longer imperial round, on a 122cm target face using 5 zone scoring. Distances can be shot in any order. Only one badge can be claimed per day.

Badges are awarded per archer not per bow style. Although achievements with different bow styles will be recorded in the club records.

Badges are awarded for the following distances:

    20yds  - White
    30yds  - Black
    40yds  - Blue
    50yds  - Red
    60yds  - Gold
    80yds  - Purple
    100yds - Orange

Porstmouth & Worcester Achievement Badges

To encourage progression, we award achievement badges for scores in Portsmouth and Worcester rounds. Members can present their scores from any competition or from any club night.

Portsmouth badges are available for the following scores: 300, 325, 350, 375, 400, 425, 450, 475, 500, 525, 550, 575, 580, 590, 595 and 600!
Worcester badges are available for the following scores: 150,175,200,225,250,265,275,285,295,300!

Once a score has been achieved, members may then attempt to move forward to the next badge. If, for example, at your first attempt you score 400, you are only awarded the 400 badge, not all of the lower ones as well. Unlike the 252 Badges, these Portsmouth and Worcester badges are not achieved in any order, and you next qualify for a badge as you move up through the scores.

Verified scores can be submitted to The Records Officer, (who needs results to calculate a classification and handicap).

6 Gold Ends - Ian Robinson Memorial Trophy Award

The Ian Robinson Memorial Trophy will be awarded to the archer achieving a 6 Gold End outdoors or 6 consecutive 10s indoors. The current holder of the trophy will then present it to the next archer to achieve the standard.

An annual award will then be presented on the day of the Club Championship to the archer who has claimed the trophy the most times throughout the year.

  • The annual competition will start on the day of the Club's Championship Shoot, and continue until the day prior to the following year's Championships
  • For Recurve and Longbow archers
  • TWA Club Shoots and Competitions only - not other Clubs' competitions
  • A fellow archer must witness and verify a claim for it to be valid.

The Records Officer manages the scheme, and they update the score sheet whenever an archer achieves the standard.
6 Gold End Award Sheet

The Silver Shilling

Competing for the Silver Shilling badge is open to Members shooting recurves only, and the badge can be won by challenging the current holder in an official competition, either indoors or outdoors, or competitions hosted by other clubs.

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