Pomfret 60 2017

Let the sunshine, let the sunshine in, the sunshine in

What a difference a year makes from the misery and rain sodden shoot that was Pomfret 2016 to the glorious sunshine that we enjoyed in 2017. Thank you to everybody who helped in any small way to make Pomfret 2017 such a success. To those who donated a raffle prize, helped load the van, broke their leg, set out the field, helped serve refreshments, sold raffle tickets, wine and cake thank you thank you thank you. Thank you to Georgina who looked pretty in pink and acted as Lady Paramount. Thank you once again to Wendy who ran the shoot. ( she should consider being chairperson - she would be good at it).
Thanks to all those loyal archers who continue to support this competition despite alternative events taking place elsewhere and for going that extra mile and dressing up for the occasion. This year we were graced by the presence of "Deryck Wood" who originally sponsored all the trophies and was the driving force behind the competition for many years- so a special thanks to him.
We must do it again sometime!

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