Christmas 2017

Theme-Characters from a book!

Once again members from the club took every opportunity to dress up at this year's Christmas party. The Queen of Hearts organised the evening with assistance from Little Red Riding Hood who organised the impossible quiz. Guest appearances from the Scarecrow, Wally Wally Wally and Wally. We were blessed with the third coming of our saviour and "SIr Topham Hat" (The Fat Controller to be politically incorrect) and his wife payed us a visit. We had "The Good Witch" as well as characters from Harry Potter and Robin Hood and even a fairy godmother. The boy in the dress made a brave appearance as well as Tom Sawyer and Tiger Lily ( or was she Pochahontas ).
We played pass the parcel for a giant target pin as well as quick fire bingo and crossbow shooting.
Another splendid night was had by all . It was only discovered later that "The Boy in the Dress" had an alter ego and was subsequently observed to be flying around wakefield!

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